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Sunday, June 13, 2010

What is Folder?

A folder is a container that is used to group other objects. Folders are the primary mechanism
through which users access documents. Users typically think of folders as a place where documents are
stored;, however, filing documents in multiple folders does not create extra copies of those documents, but
rather creates a logical association between the folder and the document. Folders:
• Have system properties that the system manages automatically, such as Date Created.
• Can have custom properties for storing business-related metadata.
• Are secured.
• Are hierarchical, in the sense that a folder can have subfolders.
• Can contain documents and custom objects.
• Can generate server events when they are created, modified, or deleted. These events are then used
to customize behavior.
• Can be annotated.


  1. How to set properties at folder level through programming.

  2. You may create subclass of Folder in Enterprise Manager whith any custom property

  3. FileNet support helps in knowing the basic concepts of the filenet and also the other related details.


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