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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Some imp info abt Content Java API

* Annottaion can be added to Documents, Custom Objects and Folder
Return the value of head property
Retreive the annotation of a particular document
Promote document from "In Progress" to "Completed"
Retreive Child Documents from a Compound Documents
* To implement Java Event Handler, first implement the EventActionHandler interface and onEvent(...)
* To determine ACE (Access Control Entry), on a folder has allow/deny access::: accessPermission.get_AccessType()
* Auditing for CE Objects can be done using by either CE Java APIs or FEM (FileNet Enterprise Manager)
* Publishing mechanism create a new document object. Any changes made to original document, after initial publication will not be reflected in published document.
* Document.getContentElements() to retreive content elements associated with document.
Retreive choice List associated with a document Class
Create an instance of custom object
* Factory class provide type-specific static inner classes for creating instances of CE classes.
Retreive the audi history for deleted objects in CE
Call searchScope.fetchObjects(...). The SearchSQL object that is passed in must have an SQL statement to query the DeletionEvents.
* folder.getContainees() retreives the collection of Document and CustomObject objects filed in a folder.
* SearchScope object determines which ned to be searched

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